Ping Pong. Anyone?!

Ping Pong, some know as Table Tennis, is an international sport that’s been a part of the Olympics since 1988. Welllllllll we’re gonna enlighten you on the Thai Ping Pong today. 

Ping Pong. It’s not quite what it sounds. Thai Ping Pong shows may include two or more people, and anything from Ping Pong balls, darts, and even animals being ejected from vijay jays. Acts of pleasure are also performed on stage, that would normally be banned in the states. It’s a mixture between a pleasurable strip tease, and an erotic massage; that ends with crowd participation, and the famous happy ending. 

Airport Diaries received a message in a bottle that gave us a full run-down on their “Ping Pong” show experience in Thailand. 

The message in a bottle that washed ashore to Airport Diaries estates reads “I was very much intrigued by the act that was being performed on stage, until I was asked to be a part of it. I was very apprehensive, nervous, yet ready to take on the challenge. I was immediately forced down on stage as two Thai temptress began to explore my body first with massages, next with kisses. Things began to get intense, before I realized what we were doing, I remembered there were onlookers.  I truly began to give them both my all, and gave the crowd a show they’ll NEVER forget.” 

On Bangla Walking street in Phuket Thailand, you will be badgered by several tourist teasers, similar to Vegas, offering discount tickets to “Ping Pong” shows. Attend at your own moral risk. 

Airport Diaries promises to give you real life experiences abroad, that other blogs are afraid to expose. If you want to send your message in a bottle to our estates, unique travel abroad experiences, email . 


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