The Lights, Northern Lights – Iceland 

Many travelers, nomads, and wanderists have made their way to the Land of the Ice in 2016. With so many jaw dropping error fares and flight deals to Iceland, as low as $99 each-way on WOW Air this year, your trip to the real tundra is just a hop, skip and jump away! Airport Diaries, amongst other anxious explorers, feverishly jumped on the opportunity to experience a frigid cold vacation, filled with volcano hikes, backpacking through waterfalls, random hot-tubs in mountains, the Blue Lagoon, and of course the hope to catch the beautiful Aurora Borealis.

Aurora Borealis, or what many of us would call the Northern Lights, is a phenomenon that can be seen clearly in the night skies from September to mid April. If you’re lucky enough to experience the Northern Lights, you’ll LITERALLY want to kiss the sky. I tried! Aurora Borealis appears in many colors, although pale-green and pink are the most common. Absolutely breath taking! 

Airport Diaries caught up with photographer and blogger Mary Ella Jourdak, to get her perspective as she chases down the Northern Lights. Mary states “After my first trip where I had just a few short hours spent alternating between a hysterical joy and overwhelming awe under an undulating green sky, I brought home an insatiable need to see them again. And again. And, probably in the very near future, again. Iceland, in my three trips there in 2016, has been akin to a fever dream. Days full of strange light clambering over rocky trails, long nights of driving through velvety blackness, spartan and dynamic scenery, bumpy back roads, and the unending push and pull of the wind, the sea, and the need to see more. The dizzying cherry atop these wild days is to chase after the Northern Lights, a scene that tops many bucket lists.”

The good folks at Airport Diaries HIGHLY recommend adding Iceland to your bucket list! Not only is it a nature lovers dream, but you can find great pubs, food, fashion, and strikingly beautiful people. Have you pictured yourself rollin down the Icelandic streets? Let us help you secure your trip and plan all the exciting and wonderful things to take advantage of in Iceland! Contact for a consultation, today!

~ Miliwest


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