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Ever since renting the Sex in The City 2 movie from RedBox in 2009, and being charged $30 for not returning the movie on time, I’ve been dreaming of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Kinda like dreaming of white Christmas since moving to Los Angeles and Atlanta. I thought it was a bit out of reach, well anything is possible in Atlanta. Anywho! Back to my dream. I dreamed of a camel backride across a sea of Arabic desert sand while being adorned in the finest of 18-24K gold, almost like Trinadad James, all gold EVERYTHANG! Also spending time in the Palace while being wined, and dined by an UAE Prince, like Harry of Wales like Sarah Jessica Parker. Well MOST of it came true, while some of those details were absent. To start, I ventured to the UAE as a first time solo traveler. EEEK! Scared out of my mind, but a good friend encouraged me to go, because Dubai is one of the safest places to travel alone. Eureka! He was right!

Once I landed in Dubai, there was a sense of calm, even late night. Everyone was very friendly, and helpful, as I asked for directions on the train. Dubai has one of the most sophisticated and best train systems, besides Hong Kong, that I have EVER taken. Dubai Metro trains are not driven by an actual person, they’re driverless. The Metro includes first class, also a women and children ONLY section. It is easily able to be accessed from the Dubai International Airport, and can be used to get to the Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, and Gold Souks. There are two smaller Trams connected to the Metro that run from 5:30am to 1am. I totally had a blast exploring Dubai by Metro. 

~ Miliwest 


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