Thailand. Sense of Freedom

While sipping martinis and reflecting on my life, plans and future goals on Phuket Beach, there were major distractions both young and old, wanting to converse with the American girl with the European face. Lol Some of the greatest memories were while exchanging polite pleasantries until curiosity killed the international cat. And just before sunset, kismet happened. I was approached by a rather handsome Parisian gent with kind blue eyes and a mischievous smile. Talking, laughing, and even following each other on Instagram were a part of our agenda to keep an international connection.

Airport Diaries first entry comes from Mr. Parisian aka Carlito, a breakdancing Bboy from Paris:


What has your experience been like in Thailand: contact with the locals, food, transportation, hotel stays? Any recommendations?
My second time traveling alone was in Thailand, I could feel the sensation of freedom better this time because I was no longer afraid. I started this trip with two friends, after two weeks with them I continued alone for an additional two weeks. Thailand had changed a lot, the first time I was there (2003) locals were nicer, not focused on money, just real. This time around I saw such a huge change, especially in Phuket and Koh Phiphi, I didn’t like that. This time they were less welcoming and didn’t smiling, just stared like they were sizing me up.
Also for hotel, some are really good and nice and other could be really dirty, and expensive for nothing. You really have to check reviews ( trip advisor, etc) before booking something, or the best way is to go be yourself before book a room.
About food, I like it, it’s so good. You have to like seafood and fried food. Just pay attention to the cleanliness of the restaurant where you eat.
Night life is good, it depends where you are and what you want. You can find crazy big clubs, ping pong shows (that have little to do with ping pong ;)), sexual market blah, blah, blah. I preferred the cool and nice bar settings, calmer, nicer music and people.
I recommend to go to Koh Tao (one of the cheaper places in the world for scuba diving), and Koh Phangan, I love it there. Nicer people and locals are great. Next time around I would Avoid Phuket (especially Patong). It’s the main tourist spot, great for first time travels but not somewhere I would continue to visit. I recommend Koh PhiPhi (just go by boat from Krabi or other island) around for one day trip because it’s absolutely beautiful.
No matter how bad I speak about Thailand, this country stay amazing when you know where to go, I hope the situation won’t be worse… I want to go back to visit small island like Koh Lipe, Koh Lanta and some others.

Traveling isn’t just a blast, it’s a luxury; and it’s a mind clearing necessity. There’s a certain Je-ne-sais-quoi…maybe, no definitely, there is a sense of Freedom. Free your mind, free your heart and free your soul from fear of the unknown. Take new experiences in stride and be open to learning about other cultures.


Land of Thai – How you Rollin???

Vacationing in Thailand for two weeks or more is the way of life for thousands of tourist yearly, says an European stud muffin. “In order to get the entire Thai experience, you must explore every nook, cranny, temple, island, bar, market, and beach to get a full understanding of the Thai culture.

However, transportation to local sights were aplenty, and VERY expensive, if they figure you’re from America due to your “funny accent” or “American face”. I still lol about that one. You’re looked at like “fools gold”. So wisen up QUICKLY, and play them at their own game!

DONT be afraid to be the dirty car salesman/woman. Ask for the cost of a ride to… Then hit them with the lowest, and MOST absurd counter-offer ever. They’ll laugh, suggest another cost, or stick to their guns. If they stick to original cost, DO NOT be afraid to walk away. As the old cliche goes “if you miss one ride, there’s always another comin every 15 paces”, or sumthin like that! Lol there’s five, YES, only five forms of transportation on each island, outside of hotel/activity shuttle. The ONLY ways to get around are bus, boat, cab/taxi, tuk-tuk (smaller modern magic school bus), and scooter taxi.  DONT be afraid to hail any of them, they may drive reckless, but they’ll ALWAYS get you to your destination safely.

So go “get around” in Thailand, as the GREAT poet Tupac Shakir once said! 😬

~ Airport Diaries15 ✌️